Hello, hello! Here is another OOTD for the month of July. The second one. Weeeee! If I managed to do a 3rd one for this month, that will be nice ahahahaha.

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Almost FOREVER21

Come on April! My goal of two OOTD per month is coming through! So this is the first OOTD for the month of April.

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Getting this 2016 OOTD backlog on the roll. I usually dress simply whenever I need to do errands like doing the groceries. Like a shirt and jeans and no makeup. But heck, time to time I do glam a bit and I chuck out the shirt and wear something that screams me. Continue reading “Casuality”

Skull is my Love (Dr. Strange Movie OOTD)

Finally blogging on OOTD again. NaNoWriMo completely has taken over my whole of November. Anyway, sharing my OOTD when me and my college best friend watched Dr. Strange.

Wearing a dress is so rare for me when watching movies but if it’s skull printed, I give an exception.

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Sexy Back

I’m getting more active in my OOTD post. I did promise myself I would do so. This OOTD post today is a little bit special because I wore something my best friend gave me as a birthday gift. She made it specially for me ?☺.

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