A Fallen Angel Series

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She is looking at a mirror as if she is trying to check if her make-up is still on point but in fact she was lost in her own thoughts. She eventually snapped out of her thinking and decides to take a walk.

She straightens out her black pencil skirt as she steps out of her office. People are bustling around. The company is launching new game software so everybody is extremely busy. In fact, some of them have spent sleeping in the office. She too, had to spend the night in the other day just to finish helping the visual presentation committee.

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A Fallen Angel Series

He has long forgotten how old he is or what is his real name. He only knows one thing and that he is a fallen angel. He can’t remember why he became one. He tried remembering but to no avail. It does not matter now. It has been like that for the longest time.

His pristine white wings beat in the air as he lands his feet to the ground. White. He is the only fallen angel who has white wings. All fallen angels have black wings. Black; like the darkness of the night, like their former souls corrupted by sins and the nothingness of space.

“Hello there Nox. How was your patrol?” Midnight, a bald-headed, dark-skinned fallen angel asked him.

Nox runs his hand on his chestnut colored hair saying, “The usual.”

“How many lost souls did you reap?” Midnight inquired.

“About 30″ Nox answered.

Midnight sighed and said, “That’s half of your quota and the day hasn’t started yet.” he looked up the sky and continued, “More and more humans succumb to the darkness. Why do they kill themselves just like that?”

Nox closed his eyes and answered the seemingly rhetorical question, “Perhaps they feel forgotten and unloved. Just like us.”

A loud buzzing sound is heard, Midnight spread his black wings adorned with piercings and said “That’s the call for the second patrol. I’ll be taking your post now.”

“Should I say have fun?” Nox asked smirking. Midnight merely chuckled and flew away.

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