Double Trouble

I finally got into a skirt and a new one. I wore this attire during Back-On’s Meet and Greet last Cosplaymania 2016. I wanted to be girly but it’s Back-On and I don’t want to be super GIRLY.

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Red & Blue My Dear


Photos by Bri Rodelas

I am not a very colorful person when it comes to fashion, so this one is one of the rare moments that I actually wear a fucking color. Also one of the rare moments you will see me wear sneakers since I am not a sneakers fan. I will try my best to give more color into my OOTD.

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For your FORMality

This OOTD shot is long way overdue but it is here. Thanks to Kulot Photography for taking a shot of it. Wore this when he and I watched Suicide Squad. It was raining terribly that day. I think, there was a storm of sorts so I dressed up in long-sleeve and well a blazer.

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