Feel Deeply

It’s been awhile since I wrote a rhyming-poerty and this one is an old one. I’ve done thi like two years ago. Never got a chance to share it to people. I was flipping to my Writing Notebook where I write my poetry and spoken word and stumble upon it and thought, “Hey, this poem needs sharing, like NOW”

So here it is.

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I Miss You

If there is one thing I learned and observed as I suffer from depression is that who I am now is not who I was before. Things change in you when things spiral down hill in your head.

So let me share to you a short spoken word of the many conversations with myself.

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How It Looks Like

A lot of people assume a certain look on someone who is depressed or someone suffering from a certain mental illness. They think we constantly look “emo” or sad. Sometimes they don’t know that the one they are interacting with is someone who is suffering from a mental illness.

This is a very common scenario and this prompted me to do a spoken word about it.

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Do you see / hear me?

Okay. I tried spoken word. Take note on the TRIED. I hope  get better on this. Ugh. So forgive me on this one but nevertheless, I hope I managed to get the message out there.

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Where Do We Go?

Every time I go out, I always wonder where can my feet take me. Even if I know where I will go but I still wonder if I decided just to go out without a plan… where could these feet lead me to?

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