The Beauty of Wei: Zhen Ji

Photo by Bri Rodelas

Hello, hello there. I finally talked about this cosplay. This was long overdue. I’ve only cosplayed this character thrice. The first and 2nd time was during a convention and the 3rd was during a formal photoshoot.

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Reira Serizawa: Looking for the Stars


I will start this blog by saying I am a huge NANA-tard. If cosplaying Nana Osaki so many times was not enough, I have to cos Reira Serizawa too. Though, admittingly, I cosed Reira Serizawa first before Nana.

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My Love for Nana Osaki


Someone asked me before:

Who did you or what character have you cosplayed too much but never gets tired of it?

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Utena Tenjou – La Vie en Rose


I’m a fan of classic and old anime or manga. It’s always been my dream to cosplay Utena Tenjou. I’ve been dying to cosplay her.

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Conceptual Shoot 2015


2015 for me was the year I really went all out on Conceptual Shoots. I started it with a concept shoot and I ended it one, well cosplay but in a conceptual way.

I’ve always wanted to divert my creativity to concept shoots because I find it more challenging than doing cosplay shoots. I have so many concepts in my head that I just need to do it or else.

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