White & Striped

Hello second look for March. Again, it’s a summer look for me, so white but that doesn’t stop me from wearing a little bit of black.

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Summer is Here

Summer is absolutely here in the Philippines. It’s so hot that wearing tank tops, crop tops and shorts are gonna be a staple in my OOTDs. Wearing jeans are still okay as long as my legs can breathe through the jeans.

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That schoolgirl effect

Backlog of all backlogs. Old OOTD from 2016. I only upload it now. I FAIL at doing this (You always do Sese!). Anyway, here is backlog number of 2016.

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Going goth again


Hello and yes I haven’t blogged quite some time because of NaNoWriMo. It’s kind of hard because I need to focus on it. Anyway, enough of excuses let’s get to this OOTD.

I wore this when I watched INFERNO with my Rui babe and her sister Raven. All I can is that, the movie is 50/50. I’ve read the book and so I was critical about it. I am not wholly disappointed they changed the ending, I am more disappointed how they didn’t give justice to Sienna’s character. Like WTF WHY. Anyway, I recommend you read the book 😅.

Now onto the OOTD.

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Choose Love


Gray tones is another favorite of mine and long skirts are becoming a staple in my cabinet. I’m starting to collect more skirts than jeans now. Wore this ensemble one day when I did my groceries.

The skirt I am wearing here is one of my favorite things I bought from Archives MNL.I call it an old lady skirt because of the design. Hahahaha 😂

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