Black Rose

First OOTD for July and wearing black from head to toe is in for me again. Why? Because rainy season and I love it. I wore this get up when I met up with mt friend Sette <3

You can watch the vlog here:

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It’s June guys and as early of first week of June I managed to get this OOTD out. Kudos to me lol. Anyway, let’s get on with this OOTD.

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White & Striped

Hello second look for March. Again, it’s a summer look for me, so white but that doesn’t stop me from wearing a little bit of black.

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Summer is Here

Summer is absolutely here in the Philippines. It’s so hot that wearing tank tops, crop tops and shorts are gonna be a staple in my OOTDs. Wearing jeans are still okay as long as my legs can breathe through the jeans.

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That schoolgirl effect

Backlog of all backlogs. Old OOTD from 2016. I only upload it now. I FAIL at doing this (You always do Sese!). Anyway, here is backlog number of 2016.

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