To Go or Not to Go

All written here is purely subjective! This is based on my own experience and based on my own feelings. No offense to anyone okay? Also I don’t give a shit if I get flak for this. Comprende?

For awhile now… actually not awhile, I think for a year? I have been avoiding cosplay/anime conventions. Well not all. I only go to conventions I feel like going to. But recently, I feel like not going to ANY at all.

So I have this nagging question To Go or Not To Go?

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3 Juans


Juan. It’s a default name for a Filipino or what we call ourselves sometimes as a Filipino. There are so many different type of Juan. Among those different type there is these three distinct Juans that is very prevalent among us.

These Juans are not something to be proud of. In fact it leaves a bad taste in the mouth. So, are you familiar with these Juans?

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The NERVE of you!

A lot of you will probably bash me. Trash talk me, say crude and boorish words against me but I will not care. No. I will not because frankly… THE NERVE OF YOU!


You have the gall to rant about our favorite hobby which is COSPLAY, rant about how expensive it is to go into an event or HOW DARE an event or the event place for the matter when you spend lots of money on your costumes that one way or another you will wear on an event and yet you complain? You expect things to be cheap? To be free? I guess you did not get the message that NOT EVERYTHING IS FREE and COSPLAY IS AN EXPENSIVE HOBBY?

You feel my rage now?

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Does it matter? Really?

I’ve been bombarded by this question ever since I was a mere college student.

Are you a lesbo?

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Ha! Finally I get this frikking self of mine to write my thoughts on something I’ve encountered a few days ago.

Watch this video guys and when I say GUYS… I meant the boys… and also girls, do care to watch~

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