Before June ends I need to share to you my Wonder Woman OOTD when I watched Wonder Woman with my wonder gal pals. I even vlogged about it. You can view it below:

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Hello, hello, hello! This is the second OOTD for May and now featuring my new blue hair.

This was taken in one of the hallways in the National Museum and it was frikking awesome.

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Blue Wonderland

Here is my second OOTD for April. I wore this during the Black Saturday event in our church. I don’t usually dress up so girly and y’all know that but it’s church.

Before you clock me I should dress whatever I want, I do still believe there is time for dressing up in my aesthetic. You know, dress appropriately when it is needed.

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Almost FOREVER21

Come on April! My goal of two OOTD per month is coming through! So this is the first OOTD for the month of April.

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Summer is Here

Summer is absolutely here in the Philippines. It’s so hot that wearing tank tops, crop tops and shorts are gonna be a staple in my OOTDs. Wearing jeans are still okay as long as my legs can breathe through the jeans.

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