This is the second attire I wore during the shoot I had in Toronto with my good friend Raisa De Pano along with Chi as assist. For this set it’s more conceptual than fashion. It’s dainty and sweet and it’s a struggle for me to be err dainty and sweet because it’s not my style or my personality. For the first set ( B L A C K), please go here.

We shot this set late in the afternoon, like after lunch. What I like about the weather in Toronto at that time, that it was not too hot. It was really nice despite being summer. It felt like spring so even if we were shooting after lunch to late afternoon we didn’t die of the heat.

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Wow, this one is WAY, WAY overdue but hey it’s here and I am sharing it with all of you but yeah I do apologize for it.

So yes, this is a fashion / conceptual shoot I had with my good friend Raisa De Pano in Toronto, Canada.

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Now, I am happy to start my first OOTD post of this year. I wore this attire during the DEADPOOL Movie with my friends.

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Project OOTD: H&M is LOVE


Hello there, not really an OOTD for 2016 lol. This is an old OOTD, you know from Project OOTD? Just needed to share it to all of you and well my love for H&M.

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