What not to say, be kind.

  • Sese Ramirez
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  • May 29, 2017
  • After being diagnosed as depressed, a bi-polar with anxiety panic disorder I am more sensitive and aware of people’s words and and how to react to me whenever they learned I’m depressed. I don’t let it get to me as much as I can because these people has less understanding of my situation. So what […]


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  • March 3, 2017
  • This concept came about one day when me and a group of friends were at the mall and I did something really idiotic also known as me being a scatterbrain. Mind you, I am not really a scatter brain. I’m proud to say I have an organized mind and I don’t tend to lose train […]

    How It Looks Like

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  • February 3, 2017
  • A lot of people assume a certain look on someone who is depressed or someone suffering from a certain mental illness. They think we constantly look “emo” or sad. Sometimes they don’t know that the one they are interacting with is someone who is suffering from a mental illness. This is a very common scenario […]

    The Invisible

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  • January 10, 2017
  • Finally, I am able to share this with you all. Before I go and talk about what is in the video, let me just credit the people who helped me out in making this.

    Musings of a High Functioning Bi-Polar

  • Sese Ramirez
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  • October 18, 2016
  • There is no easy way to say it. So I will be blunt about it. As I mentioned in my last blogpost about my mental illness, that I am seeing a psychiatrist for my depression. But didn’t you know there are different types or form of depression? When I was first diagnosed, I was diagnosed […]