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Master of Anki

FINALLY! I managed to blog about this. This is like a super mega backlog. Well because I thought this costume / character deserved another shoot. Only this year I managed to re-shoot this character

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Galaxy Diva – Sharon Apple

It’s been awhile since I blogged about cosplay here. To think I started this blog for cosplay, about cosplaying and cosplay events etc. but now it’s more than that.

Anyway, I’m not here to talk about the change that this blog has underwent. I am here to talk about this Macross cosplay I did.

This is my Sharon Apple Cosplay.

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Princess Pocahontas – Color of the Wind

Hello! I’m here to talk about one of my favorite cosplays ever despite me finding it quite difficult to cosplay. This is my Pocahontas cosplay from Disney.

I have to warn you I will not tolerate social justice warriors who will say nasty stuff and accuse me of BROWN FACING because I’m not brown-skinned despite being Filipino/Asian. I have fair skin. I do not have Pocahontas’ skin tone and obviously I have to put on make-up and change my skin tone color. Before you go saying I am a fucking racist, I will frankly say to you that you are FUCKING STUPID and an IDIOT. I am not being a racist just because I want to stay accurate on my cosplay. I am not insulting American-Indians by poking fun at their culture. I am portraying a character and a historical person.  I am being (I TRIED) accurate here.

So any accusations and negative comments will definitely not be approved and IGNORED. I don’t have any time for that.

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The Crazy Cat – Cheshire Cat (Gijinka Ver.)

This is super late but I am talking and sharing it now. This cosplay was unexpected, spurred out of the blue and rushed like hell but hey I gotta say despite that, I think my Gijinka Version of the Cheshire Cat from Alice Madness Returns came out pretty damn good.


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Started as Newb now LOOK


Hello, hello, hello. I just realized that I’ve never spoke about this topic of being a newb in cosplay. Yes, I was a newb. I started somewhere. I didn’t became who I am in cosplay like this. I was a newb too.

WARNING! This post is photo heavy!!!

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