Power of Makeup II

I present to you the Part II of my Power of Makeup project. You can view the first one over here.

Make-Up is a saving grace for me especially now that I suffer from depression. It keeps me inspired and feeling happy.

Part 2 showcase a different look. More on the edgy side of me featuring one of my favorite color: purple.

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Power of Makeup Part I

Makeup. Here we are to talk about makeup and how makeup makes me feel confident and happy. This is part one of the Power of Make-Up Series that I am making. I want to show how make-up can transform someone like me to a confident person.

I am doing this to fight Make-Up shaming. Also please take note that if you feel confident wearing without makeup it’s okay. GO YOU! GOOD FOR YOU! But there are women / men out there who feels confident by wearing them. That includes myself.

I do feel confident without wearing makeup but it help. It helps a lot and it gives a lot of boost in my confidence.

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Wow, this one is WAY, WAY overdue but hey it’s here and I am sharing it with all of you but yeah I do apologize for it.

So yes, this is a fashion / conceptual shoot I had with my good friend Raisa De Pano in Toronto, Canada.

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The Invisible

Finally, I am able to share this with you all. Before I go and talk about what is in the video, let me just credit the people who helped me out in making this.

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a MAD tea party

Hello there. First blog post for December! I haven’t been active because of NaNoWriMo2016 (which I failed btw but it’s okay.) Anyway, I am not here to talk about that. I am here to talk about this concept shoot I had with Rui like a year ago?

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