Conceptual Shoot 2015


2015 for me was the year I really went all out on Conceptual Shoots. I started it with a concept shoot and I ended it one, well cosplay but in a conceptual way.

I’ve always wanted to divert my creativity to concept shoots because I find it more challenging than doing cosplay shoots. I have so many concepts in my head that I just need to do it or else.

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Cosplay Recap 2015


Hello 2016! I welcome you with strolling down the memory lane. It’s for another Cosplay Recap. Looking back, I think I slowed down in cosplaying last year. 12 cosplays all in all. Take note, one character cosplayed twice only in different versions.

So why just 12? What happened to my usual 15+ cosplays in a year? Well there a lot of things that I need to prioritize last 2015. I prioritized travelling (Singapore, Japan and Canada), being the guest relations of Fantasy Quest, focusing more on conceptual shoots and well being a frigging burrito. You know, just staying at home and just wanna be lazeh? Hahahaha. Well I guess I need a breather.

But 12 is not bad and I don’t have any regrets bruh!

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