As I Shatter In The End

Depression is an ugly thing. It swallows you whole and you lose sight of anything that is nice and good. The worst part it can lead you to think that you don’t matter and it can lead to decision of a point of no return. This is a spoken word piece I made during college days. I re-wrote it and made a video on it.

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Hello, hello! Here is another OOTD for the month of July. The second one. Weeeee! If I managed to do a 3rd one for this month, that will be nice ahahahaha.

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The Sound

It has been raining for the past few days and one day it was raining quite hard and I got inspired to write a spoken word connecting the rain to my depression. Gloomy weather has it’s perks and it’s timing where I’m bit anxious than the usual.

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Coffee Stories: Perfect Brew

Coffee Stories
“Perfect Brew”

Summary: Meet Seraf, she is an average girl working in a coffee shop and a talented violinist. Meet Alain, rich guy and a music protege. Their only in common denominator? They’re both musicians. Who would thought that there’s romance brewing between the two?

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LOST Soul: Chapter Three – Kolme

Chapter Three –  Kolme
Written by: Sese Ramirez


“Here y’all listen.”

 “Hear their scream and the blood thickens.”

 “Burn they say burn. Burn you all witches.”

Credits to Google Images

The scene looks like it came from a horror movie. Blood is everywhere in the room, from the walls and on the floor and on the middle of the room is a burnt body. A burnt woman’s body to be in fact.

Officer Everett Winston looks at the scene muttering, “What the fucking hell.”

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