I Have a Date on Amore a Venezia

Valentine’s Day is over but it doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate it. I will be attending an event tomorrow (February 16) along with my good friends who are my dates that that hahaha.

Taken from Viospace’s DA (http://viospace.deviantart.com)

One major reason for me to attend the event, as well as my friends’ reason is because our good friends Vio and Reiko from Singapore will be attending the event as special guests ^^b. This is like Vio’s nth time here and Reiko’s 2nd time. Hahaha Vio you miss the Philippines so much XD.

Also we’re attending because our beloved macho gwapito tandem Adventure Team Marko & Dom are also special guests of the event.



And excuse me as I fangirl now because the following two are like amazing cosplayers from Thailand who are also special guests of the event.




I’ve met Zeasonal and Odessa last AFA2012 and now I will see them again. Meeting Yolkler last FQ2011 was also a treat. Ahhh my poor heart, feels will explode definitely on Amore ^///^

I can’t wait for tomorrow to come and for me to debut my cosplay for the event. I’ll give you a clue hehehe

Not enough? Here’s another one.

To my fellow dates and those attending on Amore, see you all ^^b

Cosplay 101: Prepping up for cosplay (shoot/events)

Prepping up for a cosplay shoot or if you’re gonna cosplay in an anime/cosplay convention is a must.

What I am going to share to you is how I prepare for it. Now, take heed, this is guaranteed not to work for everybody. It might just work on me but you might pick up a few tips and tools of trade. Just don’t follow everything you read okay?

I’m sharing this so you guys what you’ll have an idea. Some of these are basic and works for everybody the others are just quite unusual ^^;;

1. Pack before the event/shoot: I think this is very basic. Why do you need to pack a day before the shoot or event? Simple. Just to make sure you don’t forget anything. I know some of us will just pack their stuff on the day itself but that leads to you for forgetting something to bring that is important to you cosplay like eyelash glue, wig cap etc, etc.. Also if you woke up late at least you won’t be in a hurry in packing up ^^

2. Drink one can of beer or one bottle of Tanduay Ice (LOL) before the shoot/event: Okay not recommendable for everyone but I find it that it helps me relax when going to sleep and when I woke up, my skin feels so nice probably because I slept well XD. Minors don’t try this.

3. Putting on Facial Mask before putting make-up: I got this from a friend. You usually put it on before going to bed but if you forgot you can do it before you put on your cosplay make-up. It worked wonders when I do this. It feels like all the dirt that my face accumulated from the pollution is washed away and your skins feels soft and smooth. Currently, I’m using this facial mask from Artistry.

4. Wear a part of your costume when commuting to the shooting venue or cosplay event: Normally, if your costume is not armor or not a gown, if it’s possible, wear a part of your costume already in going to the event or to the venue of your shoot. It lessens your luggage and it makes dressing up easier. Normally, the parts of your costume you can wear are the one usually can blend in with your normal clothes, like the top, short or a skirt. Even the shoes if it’s possible.

5. Go the event / venue in full make-up: If you’re taking a cab or a car this will work but it is not advisable if you’re using the MRT, jeep or bus. The pollution and heat will melt your make-up and you will just have to re-do instead of re-touching it.

So there you have it. That’s what I usually do. How about you? How do you usually prep up for a cosplay?


All dressed-up after a shoot ^^b Thanks to Ian C for the photos <3

Shirt | Gift Shop from Taiwan

Love the shirt so much because of the message on front and of the back XD

Pants | Forever21
Boots | R.O.C, Australia

Megane Skulls

What I wore during a girl’s night out / sleepover. Super thanks to Ian C for taking these wonderful photos of my get-up.

Dress | PackThis!
Necklace | Tuxessories
Leggings | Bugis, Singapore
Shoes | PackThis!