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Dear Jenny

I’m not supposed to post this yet but in light of Amy Bleuel’s death (she committed suicide), I decided I will. This spoken word piece is very close to me. I wrote it one day and while writing it, I was a sobbing mess. It took me days before I know I could read it and do a spoken word video without being an emotional wreck.

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I Miss You

If there is one thing I learned and observed as I suffer from depression is that who I am now is not who I was before. Things change in you when things spiral down hill in your head.

So let me share to you a short spoken word of the many conversations with myself.

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March. What’s so special about March? Besides the start of summer in the Philippines or a new season of RPDR, March is International Women’s Month or Women’s Month.

In honor of women everywhere, I decided to make a spoken word video.

I dedicate this to all the women in the world, to my fellow women and to the women in my life that has given the strength to be who I am right now. This is for you.

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Fade into Obscurity

Weeks ago, I deactivated my main Facebook account. It was sudden and I became quiet. Like I didn’t tell anyone. I didn’t respond to people quickly to their queries why I did it. To be honest I was tempted not to reply at all. I was tempted not to speak at all. I was at that point that I just want to disappear from people.

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Ito Kami

When you see pictures of me like that, I know that you think I’m weird. Well, I’m an adult who dresses up as fictional characters. Of course I am weird.

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