Black Rose

First OOTD for July and wearing black from head to toe is in for me again. Why? Because rainy season and I love it. I wore this get up when I met up with mt friend Sette <3

You can watch the vlog here:

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Before June ends I need to share to you my Wonder Woman OOTD when I watched Wonder Woman with my wonder gal pals. I even vlogged about it. You can view it below:

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It’s June guys and as early of first week of June I managed to get this OOTD out. Kudos to me lol. Anyway, let’s get on with this OOTD.

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Hello, hello, hello! This is the second OOTD for May and now featuring my new blue hair.

This was taken in one of the hallways in the National Museum and it was frikking awesome.

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Dark As My SOUL

Finally my first OOTD for the month of May. Hopefully I can get a second one before I go up the mountains next week.

It’s still summer but I decided to go all back not all black thought, almost.

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