Power of Makeup Part I

Makeup. Here we are to talk about makeup and how makeup makes me feel confident and happy. This is part one of the Power of Make-Up Series that I am making. I want to show how make-up can transform someone like me to a confident person.

I am doing this to fight Make-Up shaming. Also please take note that if you feel confident wearing without makeup it’s okay. GO YOU! GOOD FOR YOU! But there are women / men out there who feels confident by wearing them. That includes myself.

I do feel confident without wearing makeup but it help. It helps a lot and it gives a lot of boost in my confidence.

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This concept came about one day when me and a group of friends were at the mall and I did something really idiotic also known as me being a scatterbrain. Mind you, I am not really a scatter brain. I’m proud to say I have an organized mind and I don’t tend to lose train of thought or to do things that make people say “huh?”. However, things have changed ever since I started medicating my depression.

Anyway, going back, we were all laughing at the situation. It was really indeed funny and even I found it hilarious. I’ve already accepted the fact that I will be doing shits like this but it’s part of me now. A friend of mine took a pun of my nickname Sese and called me Sesilya or Cecilia in English and he said he would call me that everytime I do something lol-worthy-stupid-mistakes.

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What You Don’t See

Hello and I’m back with another video concept. It’s not a spoken word but it’s something I wanted to do ever since I saw the video in the The Mighty page. The video is about wearing your mental illness on your face and it was called The Inside Out Challenge.

It really caught my attention and I told myself, I HAVE TO DO THIS. I NEED TO DO THIS.

For those curious of what is this challenge all about, go check out the video below.

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Wow, this one is WAY, WAY overdue but hey it’s here and I am sharing it with all of you but yeah I do apologize for it.

So yes, this is a fashion / conceptual shoot I had with my good friend Raisa De Pano in Toronto, Canada.

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The Invisible

Finally, I am able to share this with you all. Before I go and talk about what is in the video, let me just credit the people who helped me out in making this.

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