From Sagada, with LOVE

Yes, yes, YESSSSSS I’ve never one to do travel blog because I suck at it. I don’t take beautiful scenery pictures. Selfies yes but that’s not the point right??? Ahahahaa This is why I am forever grateful for vlogging. I just take tons of videos, edit them and BOOM SHAKALAH, I show you my travels.

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Coffee Stories: Percolate

Coffee Stories


Summary: How Alain fell in-love with the barista Seraf and why. In Alain Konig’s point of view.
Author’s Note: Prequel to Perfect Brew

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Walk Out The Door

Hello, hello, hello! Wow. I’m on the roll again on the spoken pieces. Ahahah I  don’t know for long though. Spoken words pieces comes to me usually I’m on that mood. But hey, this one is VERY HOPEFUL. It’s not sad at all.

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Here I am with another spoken piece. This is very random. I wrote and film it in one day. Weather in the Philippines is fucked up. It’s already rainy season but the weather is unbelievably humid and uncomfortable. I effing hate it.

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As I Shatter In The End

Depression is an ugly thing. It swallows you whole and you lose sight of anything that is nice and good. The worst part it can lead you to think that you don’t matter and it can lead to decision of a point of no return. This is a spoken word piece I made during college days. I re-wrote it and made a video on it.

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