Promise, I’m no SUPAASTAR

Graphic Sleeveless Top | PSYCHO
Black Sleeveless Jacket | New York & Company

Jean Shorts | Von Dutch
Leggings | Landmark
Sunglasses | Ray Ban
White Boots | Thrifted
Skull Printed Bag | Grab!
Necklace | Tuxessories

White Wash Red

Shorts | Catherine Janelle

Socks | Japanista

Top | Punk Rave
Finger Guard | Rebel Gear
Red Contact Lenses | Alice & Rabbit

Watched a visual-kei band in this get-up. I find it just fitting for the concert.

Bag | Grab!

Shoes | Double Decker

Goodbye, goodbye, you in the cage
There’s nothing to fear anymore, your captors are gone
Just from all your tears of vexation you’ll get much stronger, no?
“Where do you think I’ll be tomorrow?”
-Super Phoenix Trance by Uchuusentai Noiz


Statement Tee | HAVOC

Necklace | Japanista

Statement Tees are love especially statement tees like this ohohohohohoho!

Skirt | Punk Rave

Stockings | YRYS
Shoes | Daixin

Red Rebellious Bitch

Red Marbled Pants |  Forever21

Gray Cardigan | Landmark

We can reach the origin of waiting humans!
The idea has infinite possibilities
To reach the beginning of everything, to reach zero
Black Creepers | PackThis!
Without looking back, we just continue on an endlessly stretching path
Towards zero
Statement Tee | American Blvd.

Struggling inside dreams and despair
Now, we’re searching for something with our lives
Tears start brimming over
Just thinking about what lies ahead 

Song lyrics taken from Uchusentai Noiz’s Zero no Keifu.

Black Forest

Black Vest | YRYS

White Tunic/Vest

Here I am wearing the top I bought from Forest Tale. I love how versatile the top can be. I love it to bits. I am not regretting that I bought this from that aweshop Mori shop.

Jeans | Terranova
Boots | PULP

It was raining horribly that day so I decided to dress up this way. Boots for me are a win whenever it’s rainy season here in the Philippines. Also, not as planned but I was meeting up some friends who decided to hang out the last minute.

Bracelet | The Rusted Trumpeter

As you noticed, I have a new hairstyle. I was inspired by DARA of 2NE1 and had my hair styled like this. The parental units were schocked but my friends and I love it XD