1. What is your real name?

I will give it if you give me yours

2. Where do you live?


3. What is your age?

 I am forever 22. Enough of that 🙂

4. Why do you blog?

I blog because I need a place to put these thoughts of mine.


If you read the ABOUT section, Irthos Hearth means SACRED PLACE and this blog is my sacred place.

6. What are your other social networking sites?

  • Twitter – @raz3roth
  • Instagram – @arytiss
  • Tumblr – dreamingunseenstars

7. Favorite type of conceptual shoot?

– I am always a sucker for fantasy-type of concepts. I also like conceptual fashion. I also like dark concepts that seemed to tickle the darkness in every one of us.

8. Are you open to collaborations?

– Yes I am. If you want to collaborate with me all you need to do is to drop me an email at s.naramirez@gmail.com

9. If we collaborate with you do you have a Talent Fee?

– Depend on the project and the situation. Let’s talk about it 🙂

10. Where do you get your ideas?

– Various websites like Dark Beauty, mythology, folklore etc.

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