Photography by Jio Verona

My name is Sese Belataine Ostara also known as Sese Ramirez. I’m a cosplayer, blogger & a Japanese fashion enthusiast who is constantly drowning in feels.

I’m a firm believer of individualism, pragmatism and existentialism. My ideal hangout place is a coffee shop where I can drink a hot brewed coffee or tea latte with a good book to read.

I’m a HIGH FUNCTIONING BI-POLAR who is obsessed with DRAG & Make-UP. I am a LGBTQ & Mental Health Advocate.

Welcome to my blog IRTHOS HEARTH. I write about fandom, cosplays, about everyday life, fashion, shopping sprees and what nots.  Basically, I write what what I wanna write and you can either take it or leave it, I just don’t give a damn.

So what’s IRTHOS HEARTH as a name means?

IRTHOS is a draconian word meaning SECRET and HEARTH pertains to HOME so it literally translates to SECRET HOME.

“ihk si mi vi arytiss di sia kurjh harkt”
(For I am a warrior of my own right)