Ito Kami

When you see pictures of me like that, I know that you think I’m weird. Well, I’m an adult who dresses up as fictional characters. Of course I am weird.

Even the way I dress up usually is considered eccentric or some people would put it “unique” or “fashionable” but I know what they really mean.

From the color of my hair, the way I style my clothes and even from the make up especially the lipstick I wear is considered different from the normal people.

I’m either labeled weirdo or that “goth kid around the block”. I don’t mind the labels really. I mind on how people say it. I mind it on how they stare and judge your character because on how I look like or who I wanted to be.

But you know what? I am not alone. I have people who are equally weird as me and we have come to the point we don’t give a fuck.

So here it is, a spoken word in my native language (Filipino/Tagalog) for people like me. For people who chose to be different from the norm. This is for us.

Ito Kami (This is Us)
Concept / Spoken Word by | Sese Ramirez
Special Thanks to the following people in the video:
* Es, Sette, Rui, Nekomi Kasai, Icon, Gaz, Naruki Chi, Mikey, Marlyn, Eileen, Karl, James, AK, Van, Marianne, JC & Thomas.

Ito Kami from Sese Ramirez on Vimeo.

Script: (No English Translation)

Kami ang kakaiba. Kami ang naiiba. Kami yung “weird” na nasa utak mo.
Yung kung tingnan mo, yung titigan mo, kung makatitig ka. WAGAS.
Kami yung naiiba. Oo na, kami na yun.

Kami ung “out of this world”. Kami yung hinuhusgahan mo kasi hindi kami sang-ayon sa
kung ano man normal. Normal para sayo. Norma na dikta ng lipunan.
Kami ung “alien” sa planeta mong o kay normal. Oo na, kami na yun.

Kakaiba kami. Oo na weird na. Oo na alien na. Oo na out of this world na.
Oo na hindi na normal. Pero sino ba me sabi sayo na gusto namin ng “normal” mo?
Sino ka para husgahan kung ano at sino kami.

Ito kami. Weird, eccentric, queer, abnormal. Sige lahat na!
Pero ito kami. Walang hinuhusgahan. Minamahal at tinatanggap lahat.
Don’t judge di ba nga?

Oo ito kami. Itong ito kami.

To anyone who wanna translate this in English do let me know and comment 🙂

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