Cadence in Black

Finally, my last OOTD for the year of 2016. It’s the year when I started expressing myself in the NuGoth way. So I’m happy to end 2016 OOTD with this.

The sheer top (technically it’s see-through) is an old top from the local clothing brand Mental. I remember buying it from their Christmas Sale. I used to buy clothes from them buy the style has changed over the years and it’s not my taste anymore. No shade there. It’s just how it is.

The skirt was from 2%. I really love clothes from 2%. They have designs that tickles the NuGoth in me. Stockings are from Leg Love. Stockings from Leg Love are very fashionable and chic in my opinion. It’s really nice to wear them when you are wearing super short skirts or shorts.

The accessories I am wearing are from various brands. The ring on the left side of the picture is from Forever21 and on the right is from H&M. The necklace is a replica of the HYDE’s (L’Arc-en-Ciel’s / VAMPS’s vocalist) necklace. I forgot where I bought it but I cherish it a lot.

Lovely red creepers is from Rush. I don’t have so much red shoes. Most of my shoes are in the shade / tone of black. I should add more red and grays just for texture (what the fuck am I talking about.)

That’s all for the OOTD of 2016. And since my year has just officially started, let’s see what 2017 will bring me.

Be one of the stars