How It Looks Like

A lot of people assume a certain look on someone who is depressed or someone suffering from a certain mental illness. They think we constantly look “emo” or sad. Sometimes they don’t know that the one they are interacting with is someone who is suffering from a mental illness.

This is a very common scenario and this prompted me to do a spoken word about it.


How It Looks Like from Sese Ramirez on Vimeo.

How It Looks Like

Concept / Spoken Word | Sese Ramirez
Music by | Drifting Away from the World by TeknoAXE


This is how it looks like. It looks like there is nothing wrong. I look fine don’t I? I look pretty good don’t I? I look damn swell don’t I? Don’t I? Don’t I? You ask, how it looks like? This is how it looks like.

It looks gray, sometimes black. What? You think I was really okay? There is a void there. There is doom there. There is sadness and forlorn there. How it looks like, how it looks like. Yes, it looks like this.

This is how it looks like. Days of sadness and toil, days where I try, I really try… have TRIED to get back into my feet. It’s a push comes to shove. It’s a tug of war inside your head. I fight back only to go back to that void…. Yes, yes. It looks, really looks like that.

There is happiness in there. Like I can feel elation and be excited. Be outside and feel like I’m normal. I’m normal. And of course, days of neutrality. Like so-so. Meh. Okay. Uh-huh. But, I know…. I’m tipping, tipping over the edge. But that’s how it looks like.

In your eyes, I look okay. In your eyes, I look normal. In your thoughts, everything is fine and dandy. Fine and dandy. Fine and dandy. Okay and normal? What you see, what you know, it’s a lie, it’s a NO.

How it looks like you ask. How it looks like, how does it looks like. This is how it looks like.

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