That schoolgirl effect

Backlog of all backlogs. Old OOTD from 2016. I only upload it now. I FAIL at doing this (You always do Sese!). Anyway, here is backlog number of 2016.

I wore this during one of my hangouts with Nico Nico (who lives pretty close to moi). It was a simple and quick hangout in the food park near our area.

The shirt I am wearing here is a very precious to me. Like I don’t often wear it because I don’t want to wear and tear it. I bought it from Japan. It’s a Vivienne Westwood shirt and I wish I could buy more from this brand but dammmnnn so expensive yo!

The skirt is Forever21. I barely buy clothes from F21 now. I either buy from H&M, Terranova, Cotton On. But hey this is plaid  and anything plaid is love for me no matter what the brand.

Ring was one of my fave rings. Silver in color and actually more of a finger guard and I’m sucker for finger guards.

Shoes were bought from Petite Zombie. This is becoming my staple shoes whenever I need to go out for a quick getaway.

Be one of the stars