Summer Giveaway 2013

Hello there. Summer in the Philippines is indeed really here. I could feel the heat outside everytime I go out for work or whatever.

Since summer is here and I am feeling generous. I have some girly stuff here that I don’t have any plans using so why not share it to someone else? Also I am helping to promote my friend’s cute and girly shop that I’ve teamed up with her for this.

Not just that, I am opening this giveaway not just locally but INTERNATIONAL as well ^^b

So what will I be raffling over? First stop! This original 5ml Dior Addict to Life perfume! Smell awesome and full of life this summer!

2nd is this Human Nature Tinted Lip Balm in Pink Orchid flavor. Beat dry lips with this awesome all natural hypoallergenic lip balm ^^

3rd, is these cute and girls stuff from KandyKandy Shop! Super thanks to Katz (the owner) for collaborating with me for this giveaway! Do visit her shop! You might find something that could tickle your fancy ^^

a. The foldeable totebag is very handy for shopping or if ever you need a bag for your summer getaway
b. Hate having too much coins and nowhere to put them? Then these cute pink coin purses will cure that
c. And of course, plan your summer getaway with this cute notepad ^^b

4th is a pair of Fake eyelashes w/ pink star studs. Go glam up those eyelashes girl!

Last but not the least is this Pink fluffy cellphone/bag charm. Spice up your cellphone or bag with this cute accessory!

So there you have it! Again this is open Internationally and Locally (Anywhere in the Philippines). So interested to join? If YES please follow the instructions on the RAFFLECOPTER below.

The giveaway will end on APRIL 22, 2013.
I will announce the winner here at my BLOG, FACEBOOK (Announcement will be posted on PUBLIC settings) and TWITTER.
I will also send a PM via FB whoever the winner is ^^b

So all to those who are joining? GOOD LUCK! <3

Be one of the stars