Wow, this one is WAY, WAY overdue but hey it’s here and I am sharing it with all of you but yeah I do apologize for it.

So yes, this is a fashion / conceptual shoot I had with my good friend Raisa De Pano in Toronto, Canada.

A year ago, I went to Toronto for a tour. I took the opportunity to meet up with my favorite female photographer Raisa, who is currently based there. I missed her so much. She is one of the photographers I would usually get for my cosplay / conceptual shoots before. So when I was given a chance to go to Canada, I made sure my first destination is Toronto, where she is based.

We started this shoot without a title. Like what title? Raisa was the one who gave it a title. This set is called BLACK. The other set is called WHITE. Yup. There are two sets but for this blog, I will talk about this first.

I went to Toronto during summer but it felt like spring and boy for someone who has lived in a tropical country all her life, the weather is a bit chilly for me. Thus I had to wear this lovely knitted long-sleeve outer garment that I bought from my twinnie Nekomi Kasai.

The top is one of my favorite tops. Like super love to the nth power favorite love. I don’t use it so often because the the top’s fabric and all the belts. It’s like wearing a corset yo but it’s so punk so there. The skirt is something I bought just for this shoot. I want to put a little color in my attire (MY HAIR DOESN’T COUNT!)

I am actually wearing a black sheer pantyhose stockings and a pair of skeleton designed socks. I had to wear black pantyhose not because it was chilly but because the skirt’s design. I mean it’s asymmetrical at the front, I don’t wanna flash people in Toronto. The shoes were my usual H&M booties btw, don’t clock me there. I was on tour and I can’t bring too many shoes in my baggage. If I have so much luggage, I would bring my other pair of shoes which is a platform.

Don’t clock my makeup. I don’t do my makeup like this anymore and before you ask why i didn’t do a dark makeup well because the second set requires a softer makeup so this but I feel I managed to make it work.

Super thanks to my Chi who I know way back here in the PH but now based in Toronto for tagging along and assisting. I’m super doped that you and Raisa are hanging out and shooting now.

For more photos please check down below:


That’s all for this set :3 Until next time 🙂

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