Where Do We Go?

Every time I go out, I always wonder where can my feet take me. Even if I know where I will go but I still wonder if I decided just to go out without a plan… where could these feet lead me to?

Where Do We Go? from Sese Ramirez on Vimeo.

Where Do We Go?

Poetry by Sese Ramirez

Everyday is UNCERTAIN
You step out and breath
You look at your feet
and ask “Feet where do we go?”

Do we take a short trip
To somewhere we know
To somewhere just around the corner
To somewhere you can stop for awhile

Hey Feet are you ready?
Let’s get into the car
“Where are we going?” you ask
Oh… somewhere…FAR.

Gaze out the car window
Dear eyes what do you see?
I see an emptiness to be filled
with adventure, you think?

So Feet where to?
You seemed eager to walk
Like you can step out
Just for today… only today.

To see people walking by
Bustling about
To see things with your eyes
and be happy… JUST happy!

Because everyday is UNCERTAIN
So take a rest, you RELAX
Oh Feet, where do we go?
For now… let’s take time to breathe.

Be one of the stars