Choose Love


Gray tones is another favorite of mine and long skirts are becoming a staple in my cabinet. I’m starting to collect more skirts than jeans now. Wore this ensemble one day when I did my groceries.

The skirt I am wearing here is one of my favorite things I bought from Archives MNL.I call it an old lady skirt because of the design. Hahahaha 😂


The top was bought from Jennyfer. I bought while it was on sale. I have a love and hate relationships with sales because sales means all the good things are gone and finding a keeper will be hard and at the same time, it’s not super expensive anymore 😁. I am lucky to get this top in my size 😋.

I absolutely love the message of the top.


Once you choose LOVE anything is POSSIBLE

If you’ve been reading my OOTD posts is that I love statement tees or tops. This is one of my fave. It’s very comfy too. As for the shoes I am wearing is a pair of creepers that I bought from Petite Zombie.


The design is kinda bold for me and I am not sure if I can pull it off and well I think I did. This pair of creeper is very light and the material used is similar to canvass? Dunno what material it is but it’s nice to wear during summer then again it’s always feel like summer here 😅.

That’s for today! Until next time 😁

Be one of the stars

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