DTM \m/

This OOTD is very special to me. Special because I wore this get-up during the I LOVE ANISONG x JAM CONCERT of Cosplaymania 2016. The shirt I am wearing is an official merchandise of Back On. Bought it during their meet and greet and I just have to wear it for their concert.

Super duper thanks to Mathew / Shotgun Photography for capturing this OOTD.

I had a band shirt from ONE OK ROCK. Bought it during their concert here in the PH last January. I haven’t had a proper OOTD with that shirt yet (shame on you Sese!). So I matched the shirt with this pair of shorts from Forever21. Looks ragged and perfect for a concert.


Let’s focus on those shoes for a mo. Yes, those creepers I am wearing. I don’t even know if I should call them creepers because they don’t look like creepers. Bought them from Petite Zombie. They are very light on the feet. They look heavy because they are bulky to look at but nope. Light as fuck.

The netted socks I am wearing was bought in a a boutique I forgot where. I had it for ages. LIKE ages. I seldom wear them though.

The sunglasses I am wearing is new. The brand is WW and I bought in the SM Department Store. I am now loving this sunglasses than my old ones. It’s so chic and classy. My other accessories are mismatched earrings and this leather-type-gloves that I bought from Rebel Gear.

Some of my gal friends loved my lippie that day. I loved it too. It’s so pigmented and such a bold color. It’s a Jeffree Star Cosmetics lippie. The shade is I’M ROYALTY and guess what, if you look closely, I have this purple eyeliner and guess what? Yes! I used I’M ROYALTY as an eyeliner (not on the waterline gurls!). I learned that it is safe to use Jeffree Star liquid lips as eyeliner. Idk about the other brands though.

So that’s all for this blogpost. See you until next time.

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