Sexy Back

I’m getting more active in my OOTD post. I did promise myself I would do so. This OOTD post today is a little bit special because I wore something my best friend gave me as a birthday gift. She made it specially for me 😊☺.

The top was made by my best friend and twinnie for life (LOVE YOU Nekomi Kasai 😚😘). The top is opaque in front and it has this lovely silver trimmings on top. The back of the top is another story though.


The back is made out from a sheer material. Yes, it is see-through. It doesn’t look good to wear with a bra on so forget wearing a bra. If you feel conscious about it, wear nipple pasties 🙂 or those invisible bras you can buy in the department store. That’s what I did 😊.


The jeans I am wearing are from Terranova. Love that clothing store 😁. As for the shoes and accessories are bought from Forever21.

I’ll probably wear this top again and partner is with a skirt or shorts. Let’s see.

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