Ready for APCC 2016?


Taken from APCC’s FB

Asia Pop Comic Con’s arrival to the geek convention scene in the Philippines was a game changer. It introduces perks that most of us here hasn’t seen and experienced yet in a convention like meeting a popular Hollywood actors and actresses (with an extra fee but damn that was worth it), being able to meet awesome popular cosplayers abroad with not a lot of restrictions (there are restrictions but you get the idea), awesome exhibits and booths that made you OH WOW and a lot more.

I was damn excited for APCC last year 😚. I mean they got Paul Bettany as a guest and I was so stoked 😍. Because I am a Paul Bettany Fan. They got Colton Haynes too. I wish I had enough money at that time so that I could have bought a Photograph Session with Colton but I prioritized Paul. No regrets though. 😻



I managed to meet awesome cosplayers like Commander Holly,  Monika Lee, Bill Doran, VAMPY BIT ME and LeAnna Vamp was super dope 😝. I was able to meet my ATNM idol Allison Harvard and Simone Legno of Toki Doki 😁😌


I was unprepared for last APCC. Most of the costumes I bought were old costumes except for one which I rushed to make 😂. Thankfully despite being rushed, it turned out fine 😍. I decided last minute to co the gijinka version of Cheshire from Alice Madness. My good friend Rui cosplayed the Queen of Heart and cosplay senpai Dukesa cosplayed Alice 💀😻😎


Photography by Bri Rodelas


Photography by Bri Rodelas


Photography by GC Potente

This year APCC got me in roller coaster of feels because the announcements came too late. At first they announced Haley Atwell who portrayed Agent Peggy Carter of Captain America and the cancelled TV series Agent Carter. And for some unseen circumstances she can’t go due to shooting conflicts. But they managed to get Nicholas Hoult who was R from Warm Bodies, Nux from Mad Max: Fury Road and of course Beast from X-Men: First Class Movie Series. 



I am so stoked and excited that I spazzed over my snapchat. All my X-MEN feels!!! I can’t wait to see him 😍😁. As for the guest cosplayers, I can’t wait to see Riddle who I am really a fan of 😁. They managed to invite Lindze Merrit who I am a fan too!


RIDDLE  as Sailor Saturn
Photo credits to Affliction Cosplay Photography


LINDZE as Crimson Viper
Photo Credits to the photographer

Can’t wait to see these two 😊. Simone Legno is also coming and I am hoping I’ll be able to buy some his merchandise and get another photo with him 😁.

I’ll be announcing my cosplays for three days soon in my cosplay page . All I can say that all of my cosplay are western characters and one of them is such a giveaway. Since one of the Hollywood guests is from X-Men definitely I’ll be cosing someone from X-Men and if you have seen my DP in my Facebook account (NOT THE COSPLAY PAGE) then you have an idea already 🙌.

Are you ready for APCC? I sure I am! (I haven’t bought my ticket though AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA 😂)

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