Latte Bunny

Hi guys! Omg this is like super overdue but here it is!!! I want to share and recommend a shop to you all. I was looking for a wig for a certain western character and it was so difficult to find.  I asked two wig shops but both of them returned as a disappointment.

But this one did not disappoint!

I present to you Latte Bunny!


Taken from their FB Page

The shop owner was very courteous to me and helped me a great deal in looking for the wig I was inquiring. I had a hard time browsing through the taobao shops that they recommend their clients in looking for the product and I am such a sucker at it.

I PM-ed and asked help and they did. They were able to find the wig I need. They are also a kind of shop that will update their clients frequently. Like if the package is already in customs or if they have shipped it already. Updating your clients is a big deal for me. Most online shops I encounter nowadays don’t do this. Tsk.

Some even will take weeks before they answer your queries and some will not even update you AT ALL. #seenzone.

But this one was in contact with me every step of the way. As a client, it gives me the security that they are 100% LEGIT.

As much as I want to show you our conversation I can’t since I forgot to ask permission but trust me on this. Their customer service is 10/10.

Shipping was fast and quick. It only took a few days and the package was at my doorstep.

Super love the sticker and logo on the package <3


I love how personalized their packaging is :3



The wig I ordered look like this:



Thanks to Latte Bunny for the fast transaction. If you need a wig and in pre-order, I highly recommend this shop 🙂

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