Vogue Royal / Royal Cosplay

It’s been awhile since I blogged about a shop. This shop I am going to blog about is an online shop. Online shops nowadays hosted on Facebook are so prominent nowadays. I shop online for things I can’t find in the mall or department store. I usually shop for cosplay stuff online and one of things I shop for cosplay online are wigs.

On-hand wig shops are here to stay. Of course some people still prefer pre-orders. I do still pre-order in case the wig I am looking for is not in the on hand section of the wig shop. For on-hand wigs, the shop to go for me is Vogue Royal / Vogue Royal Cosplay.

11694999_1002278569806308_2789091878549113296_nLogo taken from their website 🙂

I’ve been ordering from them for a couple of years now. I like that they are very fast in responding to their customers. I’ve seen people complaining about certain shops who is very slow in responding to their client’s queries or complaining about the poor customer service. BUT, not with this online shop.

One of the reason for me to constantly buy wigs from them is their superb customer service. As I mentioned, they are very quick to respond to you. Like they will respond to you within the day not in a week or so. They are very courteous also and will address you ma’am or sir.

Shipping was good. Fast and reliable.


Once I opened the package, the wig I ordered were wrapped in bubble wrap. BUBBLE WRAP. I was so surprised. They are probably the first wig store that delivered to me that has their wig wrapped in bubble wrap like it’s a fragile thing. Believe me when I say, I was living for the packaging.


I hope it’s clear enough but if you can see, they also taped the bubble wrap. I had a bit of difficulty in opening it but it’s not a bad thing. At least I know my package is super safe and sound.


As soon as I removed the bubble wrap the actual plastic is also taped. Double protection. I’m really living for the idea that they do pay attention to their packaging.


The forever wig cap freebie. I have tons of these. LIKE FOR REAL.


So here is the actual wig. Properly packed and everything and it’s perfect.


Like perfect. Not too thick and not too thin. Just right. Thanks Vogue Royal for the great customer service and for the fast shipping. Please keep it up!

So those who need a wig and don’t want to bother with pre-order. I super recommend Vogue Royal. As a client and someone who shops online, customer service and good shipping is very important. If you suck at those specially at customer service, forget it. I’m not gonna support your shop. So kudos to online shops like Vogue who has good customer service.

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