I’ve been neglecting my OOTD posts nowadays. I seriously need to buy a good camera so that I don’t have to ask people to shoot my attire everytime I go out. Especially now, I barely go out :v

Went out last Saturday to watch Kung Fu Panda 3. Despite the heat, I led down my hair instead the usual ponytail because I would be saying goodbye to it. SOON. I need a haircut like BADLY. Also, I won’t be a purple head soon. Time to change hair color and the next color would be…… SECRET!

The sleeveless top is from a French brand called Jennyfer. It was on sale last Christmas when I bought it. I love the print and the message. LIVING BETTER, FEELIN GOOD. Of course, you live better you will feel good all the time. The red jeans I’m wearing was also on sale in Terranova when I bought it. Terranova jeans are light on the skin. This is why despite the summer heat, I like wearing it.

The red plaid shoes from that I am wearing here were bought from Petite Zombie. The brand is Azhwazt. Not really familiar with it but the shoes are absolute love.

I featured this bag in my past OOTD. It’s a bag from Terranova.

The bracelet I’m wearing here is an old bracelet I had since I was a college. It has been ages since I wore it. The earring I am wearing is a gift from a friend, my dearest Thea :).

My next OOTD would def feature my new hairstyle. Again, super thanks to Bri for my photos

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