Kaleidascopic WigShop

Hello there. It’s been awhile. I’ve been trying to find some things to talk about here but things has pretty been mundane. Well something happened last VDay but that’s something the public I don’t wanna meddle with.

So anyway, here I am creating a RECOMMEND section. Since I buy a lot of stuff from wigs, to shoes  and to clothes online, I decided to showcase shops that I frequently buy my stuff.

First stop is Kaleidascopic Cosplay Shop

The shop is based in the City of Pines. Yes, in Baguio City. I can’t remember the first wig I ordered from them. All I know, I’ve a lot already. 🙂 Here are some of the wigs I bought from the shop.
Photography by Richard Brillantes
Photography by Richard Brillantes
Photography by  Victor Palileo Jr (RIP)
Photography by z3LL
Photography by Razrig
Photography by Razrig

I do really recommend this shop for pre-order wigs. The owner is very accommodating and I give a five star rating for that. I remember that I ordered the Nai wig and something happened, I can’t remember what but the bottom line it might not make it time for my flight to SG and I need the Nai wig because I’m gonna cos Nai there.

Guess what? The owner had my wig shipped literally via EMS from her supplier to my house. I can never be thankful!!!!
My recent purchase is this beautiful purple wig
They pre-order your usual high-quality brands like Lucaille, GrandYoung, TNS and other brands as well from Taobao. So if you are looking for a wig and cosplay shop where you need to pre-order your wig then please do check them out ^^b

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