Tiny Beaders

Hello there, here is another shop that I would love to recommend. If you are looking for custom jewelry and is crazy about gorgeous but high quality beads then what you are looking for is the Tiny Beaders.

The shop is owned by two lovely ladies: Trix and Em. They are very talented individuals and the craftsmanship is really amazing. I am lucky enough to be get a sample of their work. Trix is the one who accommodated me.
From the very start Trix asked me in detail what I like. Like if I have any idea of what I wanted. I told her that I like gothic accessories. Next thing I know she showed me a pair of gorgeous earrings and she made a pendant to match.
It is very nice that she showed me the final work and asked my opinion on how it looks and it I want to change or add something to it. I value things like that and it showed that her client’s opinions matter on her custom jewelry.
Transaction was pretty quick I immediately got the package over a day.
Hello there!
When I opened the package, I’m very happy to see BUBBLE WRAP!
See the jewelry is carefully wrapped in some kind of box and then bubble wrap. This actually shows how they manage to protect their product from damage.
When I say bubble wrap, I MEAN BUBBLE WRAPS! Look at that! I actually removed three bubble wraps on the box. I like!
Underneath all those bubble wrap is the actual package. I love the packaging. Cute and very unique. :3
Here is the actual product. They’re super pretty don’t you think? I can wear them everyday. The earrings are very light and the craftsmanship is really amazing. I’m still looking for the perfect chain to match the pendant. Hopefully I could find one soon so that I could wear it.
As for the earrings, I’ve worn it several times now. I even included it in one of my outfit posts. You can view it here.
This is how the earrings look like when worn.
Yes. I am very, very, VERY satisfied customer. Thank you Tiny Beaders~ <3
If you want to check out their other works simply click here.

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