Petite Zombie

Finally I get to blog again. It’s been a crazy October and lot of things happened. New job, Fantasy Quest blah blah blah. So to jumpstart my November, I will blog about this online shop where I currently buy my shoes (besides H&M and Forever21).


I introduce to you Petite Zombie. I got to know this shop through a friend (Shout out to Mia). She sells boots, platforms sandals and creepers. She also sells awesome bags and accessories.


This sleek creepers were my first buy. Love it to bits and I love creepers. I’m intending to buy more.


I bought my new pair of white shoes from Petite Zombie too. They were very comfy to wear.


My last buy is this beautiful plaid platform shoes. They’re so lovely right?!

I absolutely recommend Petite Zombie for all you boot and creeper lovers out there.

I’m actually eyeing the following shoes next time I order from her


Looks rad right?


It’s screaming for me to buy it!!!!

So yes. By Decemeber I’ll be buying a new pair woohoo!

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