All right, I’m a bit delayed with this blog but here it is.  This is the Day 3 (Day 2 for me) of Asia Pop Comic Con. This is like THE DAY for me.



Well because it’s the day where me and my friend Dycee has decided to fall in line to meet Shoji Kawamori. The legendary visionary of Macross. I’ve been a Macross Fan like since SDF. Yes, SDF-Macross (ROBOTECH to you Americans). I haven’t watched Macross Delta (the idol thing is not really my jam. I’ve cosplayed characters from SDF, Plus and Frontier. Below is a montage:

So we woke up early to be there for the signing. I was in my Lady Almathea cosplay. I was looking pretty and I was glittery because UNICORN.


Photography by Atelier Clarious


Me and Dycee <3

We were there I think around 11AM but the line was super mega LONG and it was taking forever. We were wondering why it was taking forever because JFC it was just a signing. Apparently, Shoji-san is also accepting paid drawing commission. Okay, I am not against that. I would want one too but cash was hard already. What I didn’t like about the situation how the management did it. They could have separated the day for the drawing commissions and signing. ALSO, they didn’t even put a LIMIT on how many you can have signed. RUMORS said that someone bought all 22 things to be signed. WOW.

Okay, I am a fan here. I understand. I know. The feeling to be able to meet your idol. BUT LETS NOT BE GREEDY YO. It that was true, THAT WAS VERY GREEDY AND SELFISH. Have some empathy to the people also in line. Tsk.

So we were there, in line taking forever and by 1PM he has to go to the seminar. Dycee and I at first didn’t want to go and just wait in line because if we leave we might not be able to get in line the same way again. We told this to the marshal because that was a legit concern. A lot of us were there as early as 10 AM. We needed to be given priority. So they marked our hands with numbers and signed our ticket bands so that after the talk, we can fall in line without someone cutting  in line.

As soon as we had our numbers, Dycee and I rushed towards the seminar and we were lucky to get seated at the front. We made sure we were at front. Because based on the LONG LINE in the signing, we knew A LOT OF PEOPLE WILL WANT TO WATCH HIS TALK.

As you can see in the picture. I am already wearing my glasses because my contact lenses became too uncomfortable that my eyes were tearing up. Talk about so much fail :(.

The talk was around 1-2 hours long? I can’t remember, I was too busy spazzing. After the talk, Dycee and I separated ways for awhile and then met up again in the signing area.


IT WAS STILL TAKING FOREVER LIKE LITERALLY! The line grew longer and we grew rather impatient. We fear that not all of us will get to have our things signed. Top of it all, Dycee had to leave around 6:30PM and Shoji-san has an interview at what? 4? 5PM? I forgot but the thing is, Dycee was leaving soon.

A lot of us were talking to the marshalls to do something about it because the convention is only up to 8PM and JFC we haven’t reached the half of the line.

The stress of everything from waiting, my cosplay failing on me, not being able to hang out with friends and see the people I like and the immense crowd had me so bad that I had an panic anxiety attack, right there in the queue. I was changing to normal clothes because I felt like being in cosplay at that time was already useless and I feel super defeated. That defeating feeling had me crying and sobbing. I was near hysterical. BUT all is well in the end because I was able to calm myself down for awhile (THANKS DYCEE). Good thing when I calmed down, the marshalls was able to do change the rules a bit to accommodate EVERYONE. So in the end we all get to have our things signed. Not only that, we managed to show Shoji-san the Macross 30 Cosplay MV we made years ago. His reaction to it was utter price less. I was in tears again because of happiness.

I printed out a copy of my Sharon Apple cosplay and our Macross 30 group photo and had Shoji-san sign it. I also made extra copies for him. Hehehe.

To have a more idea of how it goes, I placed the vlog below:

Now special thanks in order: Thanks to Alex, for taking our video during the signing and for feeding us hahaha. Those potatoes saved our life. To SnowFallSlasher & Mae fro entertaining us while we were in line. To Dycee, John Yang, Erving, Kei, lanz, Chesra, Ate Liz and Oni for coming to my rescue during my anxiety attack. I had before and after the signing. Talk about intense. Your hugs and words of comfort helped me a lot during that time.

To new found friends, fellow Macross fans we met in line, it was nice meeting you all!!!

I have to say I hope next year, the logistics for signing like this will not repeat. It was poorly managed. I guess they didn’t expect that there were a lot of Shoji Kawamori fans out there. WELL NOW YOU KNOW. So please if you invite him again, PLEASE PLEASE take note: Give a limit to all merchandise to being signed. Like 3 merchandise only. Give a separate day for all the drawing commissions like SERIOUSLY. Automatically give numbers to all in line just in case they can’t make the cut off and they can return back safely back in line without people cutting in.

All the stress could have been avoided if logistics were done properly and things were seen a head of time. Well let’s hope it doesn’t happen again :).

Well that’s it for my ASIA POP COMIC CON 2017! UNTIL NEXT YEAR! WOOHOO!

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