APCC 2017 (SATURDAY) – Wendy’s Adventure

I’m back with my 2nd Asia Pop Comic Con 2017. This time, it’s the 2nd day where I cosplayed as Wendy. Yup, you read it correctly. I cosplayed as the popular red-head girl mascot of an American restaurant.


Well because I cosplayed the sassy-smug version of hers.

Photography by A Page Without Words
Photography by Shotgun Photography

The whole day had me making faces at people. Like legit. Ahahahaha.

with EuRika and RUI
w/ Team Gongcha
w/ my twinnie Nekomi Kasai

w/ my date Karl

I basically spend my 2nd day roaming and trying the Netflix booth again. There were so many people during 2nd day so the line at the Netflix and other booths also have super long lines.  I’ll let the vlog speak for itself.

Huge dinner w/ friends at Shakeys

It was such  a long long day guys. Ended up pretty late as you can see in the vlog, we went home and the mall was already closing. I had so much fun during Day 2 but wearing heels the whole day was a pain. Ahahahaah. Super thanks to  old and new friends that I’ve hanged out that day and to those who has taken my photos. I’ll have a proper shoot for Wendy soon!

Photography by L.O. Photography

Blog on Day 2(Day 3) will be up sooner or later. It will be a lengthy one, I promise you <3

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