APCC 2017 (FRIDAY) – Slayage Queens

OH HAI THERE PEOPLE! It’s September and my August ended in a blast (despite having an anxiety attack because reasons). The reason why August ended so great is because of Asia Pop Comic Con 2017.

So this is the Day 1 (I call it Day 0 though because nothing basically happens during Day 0 and there are less people). So me and y SLAYAGE SQUAD. Yes I a calling it that. Meaning me and Nico (#titasofqc) and Bea (#anakfromIC) went to day 1 and explored what APCC 2017 can offer.

Friday for me is the BEST TIME to go around and buy merchandise because LESS PEOPLE, NO LONG LINES and did I mention LESS PEOPLE? Yes! Yes! YAASSSSS!!

SLAYAGE SQUAD (Me, Bea & Nico) | Photo by Ryan Romeo de Vera

We dressed up casually to be able to roam freely.  I dressed up Jubillee from X-Men, Bea as casual Minako or Sailor Venus (aka Taylor Swift XD) and Nico went as casual Makina Nakajima (Macros Delta)

Me as Jubillee from X Men | Photo by Ryan Romeo de Vera

We managed to be able to buy merchandise and was able to meet new people along the way. One of the highlights for me was the Netflix Booth! JFC that was awesome! Inside the Netflix booth, you will see rooms dedicated to Stranger Things, Riverdale & Orange is the New Black.

SLAYAGE SQUAD inside the Stranger Things room.
With our new friends from Brunei drinking free milkshake in the Riverdale Room

Another highlight from this day, I was able to meet Artgerm and Simone Legno (again) and bought merchs. A major reason why I was broke AF LOL.

ARTGERM! Bought his Elsa print <3
Simone Legno! Bought the Blind Box Unicorno <3

It was really fun day. Met new friends and met old friends I haven’t seen for a very long time.  I’m glad I decided to go all three days ahahaha.

Here is my Vlog for Day 0. Super thanks to Nico for lending me her camera so that I can take a proper vlog all three days of APCC 2017.

I also got featured in UkieKooki’s video. Ahahah omg, it was a riot XD

So there you go guys! I’ll make a blog about Day 1 (Day 2 ) SOON!

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