This is totally different from my usual style. Even the colors is something I don’t wear often because I’m not fond of brown colors but hey I managed to pull it off.

The day was nice that day, so I decided to shoot this OOTD in the terrace in front of my room. The clouds were so pretty and all though my view is not XD.

This top is one my favorite buys from UNIQLO. Super love the fabric and how breathable it is. LOVE connector ring was bought from Diva. Necklace was bought from Phoebe Geekstreet.

The brown shorts I’m wearing is a gift from my mom. She bought it for me when she was in US for a vacay. The brand is a.n.a (A New Approach).  The boots I a wearing is an old pleather boots I bought from Petite Zombie. Perfect for rainy weather to be honest.

So will you see me in these colors again? Maybe.

Be one of the stars