Choose Gray, Choose Love

Hello August. This is the my first OOTD for August. It’s been rainy and all this month so when I went out and it was a sunny day (a bit), I decided to wear SHORTS. Like short, shorts.

I like wearing shorts and pants than shorts. More often not, I am wearing shorts since it’s more refreshing. This are an old pair from Hot Kiss. I even used this for a cosplay. It’s almost a booty shorts tbh.

The gray top is one of my fave that I don’t wear so often. I love this top because of the statement. Like legit. Like this statement is EVERYTHING! It says ONCE YOU CHOOSE LOVE ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE. Yes possible! This top is from the brand Jennyfer.

The bangles and choker I am wearing are from Forever21. I had the bangles since I don’t know. The choker was given to me by my henny Es a birthday gift. The creepers I’m wearing is a thrift find. It doesn’t have a brand but it’s really nice and very light on the feet. It’s nice for long walks.

That’s all for now and until next OOTD.

Be one of the stars