Tagaytay – Sky Ranch / Hotel Kimberly

Good day! I am back for another travel blog. Last time, I went to Sagada, this time I went to Tagaytay with my family. My older sister working in Singapore went home with her husband to celebrate my niece’s birthday. It’s actually a pre-birthday celebration.

We went to Sky Ranch and had a fun time riding the rides. Most of the rides were children but lol who cares. Hahaha. We even ride the huge Ferris wheel. The weather was also nice. There were rain showers but it’s okay, it made the weather cooler which I like.

We stayed in Hotel Kimberly and before we left the next day, we visited their mini farm. The have a rabbit farm. Like legit! They were huge!!! They look so huggable!

You can see more in the vlog below:

It was a very short trip. Like an over night one but to breathe fresh air and to experience cooler weather compare to Manila was really nice. It was also good for my mental health. So until next time! Get Lost With Me!

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