Coffee Stories: Percolate

Coffee Stories


Summary: How Alain fell in-love with the barista Seraf and why. In Alain Konig’s point of view.
Author’s Note: Prequel to Perfect Brew

Morning. When you wake up in the morning, people in the house will greet you good morning. But right now, I want to throw the good in the morning outside the window and blast it with a super cannon. Why do you ask? I’m currently stuck here in the school hallway surrounded by girls who kept on blabbering…

“Alain please go out with me!”
“Alain you’re sooo cool!”
“Please make me your date this coming dance?”
“Will you marry me?”

Do I have to say more? My name is Alain Konig. I study here in St. Philippe, one of the most prestigious music school in Europe. I’m a 6th grade in piano and I am advance guitar player. I got in quite easily because I’m a music prodigy and I’m not bashful about it. I’m proud to be a music prodigy and I show it. However, because of this I garnered “fan girls”. This is what you get if you’re talented, good-looking and rich. Well my parents are rich. You get a lot of nuisance.


There goes the bell but I am still stuck here. I can’t squeeze myself through these irritating fan girls. I could feel a nerve popping and I’m ready to strangle, maul and murder them all.

“All right girls, break-up. Your prince is already late for his next class.” my best friend Tadhg Walker who excels in playing the saxophone and trombone exclaimed as he squeezed through. He is also my childhood friend. Tadhg also has his fan girls and he loves having them.

“Thanks Tad.” I mumbled as I walked alongside him towards our class.

“Alain, you gotta learn how to handle your fan girls.” Tadhg replied as he steps into our class.

I rolled my eyes saying, “You mean tolerate. Sorry, but that word doesn’t exist in my vocabulary when it comes to them.”

“Alain, Alain, you’re so stiff and rigid.” Tadhg replied shaking his head.

“I resent that!” I spat back, a look of denial thrown at Tadhg.

Tadhg gave me a questioning look and said, “Okay ice prince. You’ve been showing too much emotion. Something’s up.”

I looked away. How do I say this? I’m not good at admitting something not even to the guy I grew up with. Tadhg nudged me and asked, “So who is the lucky girl?”

I choked on my own saliva. Damn idiot. He knows how to read me. I could feel a grin creeping up on his face. Damn you Tad. “I don’t know who is she.” I mumbled.

“Oh” Tadhg replied. I don’t need to explain further. Tadhg knew by my answer that this girl I like is not popular and probably not in my fan club but definitely a student of St. Philippe.

“I was on the terrace. You know where I usually drink coffee? One day I was sitting there and I heard this music. It was the Moonlight Sonata being played on the violin.” I replied trying to stop myself from smiling as I told him my tale. “The music came from the orchard below. I looked down and there she was. She was playing it under the an apple tree with her eyes closed. To play that piece with closed eyes shows passion and love for music, I was… I guess mesmerized?”

“Wait. Did you said the orchard?” Tadhg asked. I nod my head.

Tadhg’s face broke into a grin. Now what? When Tadhg grins like that it’s either he is up to something or he knows something I don’t. Wait. Know?

“Hey you don’t say!”

“Alain, that girl! I know her!” Tadhg exclaimed. “Almost everyone who goes to Perfect Brew knows her.”

I could feel question marks appearing above my head.

“She’s a barista in the coffee shop Perfect Brew. I always go there for a cup of coffee. Not only that she always practice playing the violin in the orchard.” Tadhg explained. “I just don’t get why you like her. She’s pretty average-looking, an average student but hey, she has some great potential.” he rambled on.

“I didn’t like her for her looks Tad. There’s something in her that I couldn’t describe but it got me.” I replied almost blushing. Tadhg shook his head saying, “You have turned into one big romantic sap. You really had it hard.”

“What’s her name?” I ask.

Tadhg smirked and said, “Know what? Go to Perfect Brew. She’s there MWF after class and Saturday mornings. Find it out yourself, I gave enough information for you to kiss my foot.”

I glared at him and said nothing. Perfect Brew huh? All right, I’ll go.


When classes ended, I immediately went to Perfect Brew. As I enter the shop, there she is standing behind the counter. Her eyes met mine. She smiled and said, “Good afternoon! Welcome to Perfect Brew. May I take your order?”

My eyes landed on her nameplate: Seraf. Her name is Seraf. I smirked. Now, I know her name. Knowing the rest would be easy.

Since that day, I became a frequent customer in Perfect Brew. I even have my own spot there. As I go there, I make sure Seraf is the one to take my order, the one to serve me and to clean my table. As I go there, I learned that her full name is Seraphim Carmichael. A 6th grade in piano and a 9th grade in the violin. I also learned that she works in Perfect Brew part-time, likes coffee and dreams of performing solo in a music concert. An average girl but how she plays the violin with so much passion it mesmerizes me. I realized that to her, music is her life as it is for me. Very few girls I know in school are like that.

I continue to watch and listen to her play in the orchard. I continue to visit her in Perfect Brew and before I realize it, I’ve been doing it for 3 months now.

Today, this beautiful Saturday morning, I’ve decided to confess my feelings for her. Nothing grand but touching, yes indeed.

As I step into Perfect Brew, her back was turn against me. This is it, all those watching and stalking has percolated to this. To this love I feel for her, to one Seraphim Carmichael.


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