Walk Out The Door

Hello, hello, hello! Wow. I’m on the roll again on the spoken pieces. Ahahah I  don’t know for long though. Spoken words pieces comes to me usually I’m on that mood. But hey, this one is VERY HOPEFUL. It’s not sad at all.

So I invite you all to read, listen or watch it. Whatever floats your boat yo!

Walk Out The Door
Written by Sese Ramirez

Step out. Your door has been closed for a long time.
Go out, smell the night breeze.
Look up to the starless sky and try to appreciate the beauty.

Step out. Finally, you are dolled up and going somewhere.
In your pretty boots, walk and enjoy the day.
Rain or shine, go forward, don’t hesitate.

Step out. You cage yourself too much.
You lock your door too excessively.
You are to afraid, to anxious to face the world.
I don’t blame you.
The world is cruel and reality is harsh.

Step out. Layout your favorite shoes.
Choose that talks to you. Choose the pair that speaks to you.
Choose well. It will be your friend.
It will bring you different places.

Step out. Be brave for a day.
Be confident that you can.
You can step out.  You can walk out that door and be free.
So, step out.

Be one of the stars