From Sagada, with LOVE

Yes, yes, YESSSSSS I’ve never one to do travel blog because I suck at it. I don’t take beautiful scenery pictures. Selfies yes but that’s not the point right??? Ahahahaa This is why I am forever grateful for vlogging. I just take tons of videos, edit them and BOOM SHAKALAH, I show you my travels.

This is super delayed AF. I went up to SAGADA with my hennies Es and Sette. Yup we’re a TRIO. Our names is a huge? tongue twister. Sese, Es, Sette. I dare you say that 10 times. LOL

Anywaaaay. It was my first time traveling with these lovelies. My initial plan was to travel alone and then these two were like “So bakit ka magpapa ka alone?” ahahaha bless their souls. Baka daw kunin ako ng engkanto sa bundok kaya ayun.

Through this trip, we met new friends and we had so much fun sharing stories and having an adventure with them. It was one of the best things I did this year. It kinda helped me feel refreshed since NATURE THERAPY.

On our FIRST DAY, we stopped over Banaue and saw the gorgeous Rice Terraces that I felt has deteriorated over time. I know. Then we went caving. YES WE WENT CAVING! Sette and I decided to do the normal caving. Two of our tour mates joined us. The rest including Es, decided to do the connection which twice harder (I think thrice) than the normal caving.

Here is the video for our DAY 1 in Sagada. Mind you, I had to split it into TWO parts.

Day 2 was frikking INTENSE. We went to the falls and going there we had to trek down. Going there was no issue, going back was HARD. I had a slight anxiety attack because I felt like I could not breathe and I’m don’t exactly have a a pair of healthy lungs you guys. I have asthma. Huhu. So yeah. The falls was fun!!! I super love it.

After the falls, we went to different places like the Hanging Coffins, Echo Valley, Sagada Pottery etc. It was a LONG, LONG DAY. I felt super tired after that day. Like it was really intense ahahaha. Good thing we were having fun and didn’t notice that we were exhausted till evening came and it was time to eat dinner.

So here’s the vlog for Day 2. Again I had to split it into 2!

Day 3 was like the thing I was always waiting for? Ahahahaha. It was the last day BUT it was the day we went to Mt. Kiltepan to see the sunrise. We had to wake up super early for this yo. Too bad there were not a lot of clouds since it rained the night prior to that day but hey, the sunrise is beautiful. It’s really breathtaking there.

Here is the vlog for Day 3~~

Well that’s all for my trip to Sagada. Someday, I’ll go back there just for Nature Therapy. But who knows where I’ll travel next time. So yes, so Get Lost With Me again in the future!

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