Hello, hello! Here is another OOTD for the month of July. The second one. Weeeee! If I managed to do a 3rd one for this month, that will be nice ahahahaha.

I hanged out with a friend today and I decided to test out a pair of new shoes. They’re red in color and the heels is 4 inch tall and it’s freaking platform doll shoes. I am inlove. It’s second-hand. I bought it for cosplay but I know in my heart, I will be using this pair of shoe A LOT. I don’t know the name of the brand but I believe this was bought over through Taobao by the former owner.

The shirt I am wearing is a statement shirt I bought from American Blvd. I usually get my statement shirts there and I’m a sucker for statement shirts. The earrings I am wearing is a DIY. I used to make my own earrings before and this is a very old pair.


The skirt I am wearing is from a French brand called Bread n Butter. Bought it in a thrift store in Baguio City for a cheap price. I really love this skirt. It’s can be worn for a casual event or it can be for a formal event. It’s a very flexible skirt. Super love. Bag is from Terranova which is a pretty old bag of mine.

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