The Sound

It has been raining for the past few days and one day it was raining quite hard and I got inspired to write a spoken word connecting the rain to my depression. Gloomy weather has it’s perks and it’s timing where I’m bit anxious than the usual.

The Sound
Written by: 
Sese Ramirez

Do you hear that?
The sound of the rain.
The sound that feels like my tears pouring.
But you can’t see it. I have never shown you.

Pit pat, pit pat, pit pattering
Patter, patter, patter against my window.
It’s the sound of unheard cries…
Help me, help me, help me.

How can the rain be so loud? How can a thunder BOOM and
lightning catch attention?
How can someone like me, who desperately seeks but remains invisible?
Am I that insignificant?
Am I that not important?
Am I?

I close my eyes and I listen to the rain
I close my eyes and I listen to my heartbeat….

I realize, I can only hear it.
I can only hear the sound of my sorrows.
It’s so quiet, so soft, you can barely hear it.
I try to scream it out loud but I can’t.
I try to speak it out but I can’t.
I can’t
What’s stopping me?

Do you hear that?
That rain is me.
So please listen. I just want you to listen.

Be one of the stars